About Rhine Aero

Our Story

Rhine Aero was founded to provide high quality professional services to the Australian Defence industry.

After experiencing all areas of the industry – in uniform, working for Defence industry primes, and directly for the Department of Defence (above-the-line) – we identified that a fresh new wave of qualified and energetic professionals were starting to enter the industry, but were being shaped by the larger organisations that continue a stale approach to working in bureaucracy.

We encourage our team to take a fresh and modern approach in providing services to our clients, where a strategic mindset allows their passion and energy to be harnessed, while utilising the necessities of bureaucracy to get things done!

We strive for our consultants to be more than just filling a role, but to go in with a management consultant’s mindset, listening to the client’s needs, understanding the environment in as much detail as possible through thorough research, and ensuring that their contribution is always focused on the most effective and efficient solutions for success in some of the world’s most complex projects.

Brendan Rijn

MBA, MPM, BEng (Elec), MIEAust


Brendan leads the team at Rhine Aero and is a project management professional whose expertise lies in leading complex projects in Defence capability. His background as a systems engineer in the Defence industry and an electronics technician in the Australian Defence Force provide the technical foundation to distil and control complex technical projects, while his leadership and commercial acumen combine with experience in contract development and management to ensure a well-rounded approach to effectively control high-value, complex projects.

Brendan previously served with the Australian Army within the Special Operations Command, which involved multiple deployments and support on international project teams. He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Project Management from the University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with honours from the University of Newcastle.